– regrets

a poem from

walking towards happiness

 i can still remember our first date
back then i was too young
to understand
but now in my present
i am full of regrets
the memories of our summer
i cannot ever forget
but time keeps moving forward
and i should do the same
so long my lover
we will meet another day
maybe you were right
perhaps you were so wrong
but today
it does not matter
it would not help to know

maybe i will get to say
what i kept in for so long
maybe another day
today you are gone from this world
i left you all alone
you made me so happy all along
i was afraid to tell you what was wrong
i was too afraid to admit you were my love
now it is too late to let you know

when i first heard what happened
i could not think or talk
how could i forgive me for what i have done
i wish i could have never let you go
death is now within you
you have gone far away

time keeps moving forward
and i should do the same
i will not say goodbye
i know we will meet again
maybe another time
perhaps i will just wait

2019. Adric Ceneri. All right reserved.