about me

Adric Ceneri is an LGBTQ artist, poet, writer, and author. He was born in Mexico and lived there during his childhood. He was raised in the coasts of the Pacific Ocean with his parents up to the age of five, and when his parents separated, he had to endure and survive the consequences of his parents’ poor lives choices. The majority of his poetry reflects the pains and sufferings he had to endure. He writes about his sexuality and the events that marked him throughout childhood and the difficulties he faced when he was growing up. Ceneri often writes with a rebellious heart through his poetry, expressing his emotions and always remaining true to who he is as an artist. As a poet and writer, he transmits his feelings and embodies his transgressions in magical word-plays truly transforming pain into art.

With over 17 years in writing and over 10 years since his birth as a published poet and writer; Ceneri has now 2 poetry collections, a set of four-book journals and two anthologies.

Ceneri is currently invested in Magesoul Publishing working with the founder, Carlos Medina and core executives to help the poetry community voices to be heard and recognized.

Adric is a passionate artist, creating books covers such as ‘IT HURTS’, ‘SURVIVAL’ and ‘HEALING’, the first trilogy of anthologies by Magesoul Publishing and for other books published through Magesoul Publishing. Adric also has written a chapter for each of the books in this trilogy of anthologies, poems not published in any of his other books.  He is also translating books and creating art for other authors.

His social media accounts are: Instagram @adricceneri, Twitter @adricceneri, Tumblr @adricceneriwrites, Like his Facebook Page @adricceneri and subscribe to his new YouTube channel to see what’s new.

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