Adric Ceneri is an artist, poet, writer and author. He was born in Mexico and lived there during his childhood. He was raised in the coasts of the Pacific Ocean with his parents up to the age of five, and when his parents separated, he had to endure and survive the consequences of his parents’ poor lives choices. The majority of his poetry reflects the pains and sufferings he had to endure. He writes about his sexuality and the events that marked him throughout childhood, and the difficulties he faced when he was growing up. Ceneri often writes with a rebellious heart through his poetry, expressing his emotions and always remaining true to who he is as an artist.

As a poet and writer, he transmits his feelings and embodies his transgressions in magical word-plays truly transforming pain into art.

In August of 2003 Ceneri moved to the U.S. with his family seeking shelter for peace from the torment that had poisoned him and pushed him to attempt taking his own life. After surviving the horrors of what he had to live, his mind and soul were deeply corrupted and he got broken beyond repair.

As a coping mechanism, he began writing in the isolated walls of his room after school during his high school years. Concentrated in learning a new language in a foreign land, he was fully motivated to explore his creativity and discover a new side of him in his art class. He became passionate for art; he was lost, yet he found in art the motives and the strength to think in something other than his tragic past. Art in general became the coping mechanism that helped him survive through his teenage years.

At the end of high school, his English teacher pushed him and motivated him to publish some of his work. After 3 long years of rejection after rejection from publishers and with almost no hopes left, he decided to self-publish his  first poetry collection, My Poetry: Los Restos de un Humano in January of 2010.

In 2017, seven years after publishing his first poetry collection, Ceneri found a poetry community on social media through Instagram.

Over the past two years he has been fully committed to posting unedited and unofficial published poetry on his Instagram. He never stopped writing and this April 2019 he is releasing and publishing this very book, his second poetry collection, walking towards happiness, a storytelling poetry book with simple art drawings created by the author himself. This is his story, his feelings, his life. A journey of a life in darkness towards the light. At the end of 2019 he will also publish the Spanish version caminando hacia la felicidad.

His social media accounts are: Instagram @adricceneri, Twitter @adricceneri, Tumblr @ceneriadric, Like his Facebook Page @ceneriadric and subscribe to his new YouTube channel to see what’s new.


How do you get inspired to write?

A: I honestly just let my feelings guide me and when I don’t, I get inspired by art and the earth herself. There are so much and so many things I can write about if I put myself to it. Is not so much about writing, but making the choice and committing to it, but I have heard that just like sports, and other things, writing may not be for everyone.

What are you currently working on?

A: I have just finished translating the Spanish version which I am waiting on the final edits from my editor. I am currently trying my best to market my book, ‘walking towards happiness’ and the 4 journal companion series, ‘let’s save this moment’, ‘i loved you while it lasted’, already published and available at Amazon and other online bookstores; in July the third journal companion series, ‘a thousand lovers’ and in August the final journal, ‘trapped in my fears. These collections of journals hold within the main four emotional elements from my latest poetry book, love, heartbreak, passion, and loss. All of which will be published throughout the rest of the year in Spanish beginning with the book, ‘caminando hacia la felicidad’ and the first journal, ‘guardemos este momento’ in September.

What’s the best thing about being a writer?

A: I feel I can completely and bluntly honest be myself and never refrain from being who I am. Is that power that words provide and make me a creator of fantasies and worlds and it also provides the ability to tell my story.

What’s your advice for aspiring writers?

A: Never stop dreaming, but above all never stop writing. The future is not promised and nothing is handed over freely, one must work hard and seek opportunities and take them as they come. Everything is earned. Never stop dreaming, but above all never stop writing. The future is not promised and nothing is handed over freely, one must work hard and seek opportunities and take them as they come. Everything is earned.

Where did you get the idea for your most recent book?

A: It truly wasn’t an idea, my most recent book, ‘walking towards happiness’ is a story-telling poetry book which includes fragments of moments that marked my life from the beginning of my life to now. It has a deep and profound meaning to me because these are my emotions, my loss, my heartache, my grief, my tears, my anger, my torment, my hopes, illusions, and happiness.

How do you deal with writer’s block?

A: I find that at times frustrating, yet I feel I am very lucky since I truly don’t experience it as much. Though, when I find myself in blank thoughts, I simply go with the flow, I don’t let it bother me, I opt to focus on drawing or in reading, sometimes I even meditate or go out and live life. Inspiration is something that must be born out of the creativity of whatever I may be feeling and if whatever I am feeling isn’t inspiring for such I let it be, I know, like everything in life is not permanent and neither it is my writer’s block.

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