– you are the one

a poem from

walking towards happiness

 please do not go now
stay with me for a lifetime
i feel more alive than i have ever felt
and i am sure you feel the same
because i know you are the one
i was lost in my memories
and you brought me back  
i have never felt more alive
for a long time
i felt alone until you arrived
i no longer feel lonely

let’s not be sad
instead let’s laugh
problems always come in life
and we will fight them to survive
we will keep our love alive
you will always be the one
let’s make this right
in the long run
all i want is your love
and to have you
forevermore by my side

let me show you
who i really am
make me believe
that my love is not in vain
tell me that you will stay
even in the worst moments
of our lives
because times get hard
and you are the one

to your love
i am bound
take me
to wherever you want
i will always
stand by your side
this time
i am following my fate
and i know
you will be mine
you know i am right honey

2019. Adric Ceneri. All right reserved.

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