– his life passes

a poem from

walking towards happiness

 he did not want 
to continue like this
his pain tormented him
the past and its facts
could not even be cured by time
he managed
to always move on
with his thousand and one defects
but his absurd prayers
god never listened to them
his sad and bitter sorrows
forced him to suffer
and his desires to be happy
slowly faded

his life collapsed
making him lose every hope
hatred changed his plan
and he even tried to erase
his own name
he wanted to pretend
not to feel his pain
and it ended up hurting him
twice as much
it was then when his kindness
died in an instant
he found the strength in his pain
to move forward

his soul
sometimes appease
sometimes tired
other times bewildered
his soul
in an empty
and cruel world
that gave him the future he did not ask for
and then he decided
not to be fragile again
as he was in childhood
and made of the night
a home that protected him
from his pains

the place
that makes him happy
and now that he is an adult
and no longer a child
he is still broken every night
and he exposes himself
to his own judgment
giving a thousand and one excuses
to his desire to cry
just like that
his life passes
time goes by so fast
and is never enough
finally his tears
his salty tears escape
his soul breaks apart
as he understood
that nobody escapes
even with all the courage
destiny always has a way
to catch you  

2019. Adric Ceneri. All right reserved.

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