– Walking Towards Happiness

my second poetry collection

illustrated with sketches

This book is a collection of poetry along with graphic art to provide a vivid picture of these meaningful words. An amazing book of storytelling poetry, which shares the story of the author’s life experience throughout time in seven phases. It begins with living in the darkness of what marked him as a child. Followed by expressing his lust and the desires he lived throughout his teenage years. Getting lost in the damnation those who did not understand him, those who condemned him and judged him for being the feminine gay boy that he was. He fought against the ignorance of his own family, and against the world he was born into because he was not easily accepted, but he never gave up. He remained strong and raised up to find in his utter poetry the reasons and the motivation to stand up for what he believed in. Growing up was not easy for him but still, he wanted to believe in love, he wanted to believe that the universe had something better for him and he began chasing after his happiness. Failing in countless attempts of finding the one true love, experiencing the relationships and going through the drama of breakups until his hopes withered and his love fades away. He isolated himself from the emotions of love and become bitter alive but without expectations, he met someone who gave back to him every last hope. For a second there with hesitation and doubt in mind, he stopped to think that wasn’t happening, thinking that it was a dream. Suddenly, he realized that it was real, that it was happening and love was once again knocking at his door. A heartbeat found him and invited him to let love in again. 


walking towards happiness

2019. Adric Ceneri. All right reserved.

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