– undone

a poem from

walking towards happiness

 i once sipped my aching tears
i was broken and did not heal
i had fear
scared and frightened i closed my eyes
i was lost and filled myself with crimes
but the fault was mine
do not judge my darkness and my scars
i feel the sorrow of my own heart
the guilt of my own mind

you are no one
to judge who i am
and that is all you need to know
i cannot be undone
because it is done
if you are to love me
love me undone
do not change me
love me undone
trust me
i cannot be undone
it is already done

and i enjoy now
being here with you
learning a love so colorful
that is the truth
you and i have a chemistry
i admire your fantasies
so endlessly
you are meant to be
a chapter of my history
let me love you
like if i was your fantasy
cherish me
like if you were loving selflessly
giving everything you got
my dear
so fervently

2019. Adric Ceneri. All right reserved.

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