– i am in love

a poem from

walking towards happiness

 i am in love
every time i can hear your voice
i am in love
when you look deep in me through my soul
i know for sure i am in love
it is because of you that i can have it all
that i can understand the things i do wrong
so that i learn from them and move on
i am in love
because you trust me
i am in love
because you love me more
you complete me
in every way i know
you make me feel better
with your love
i swear i could feel my scars
healing from my soul
i am damaged but with you
nothing is wrong
i am in love
and i must know
you will not go
you will stay on board
here with me at any cost

i am in love
i can feel it when i have you close
and when you are far way
i miss you because you are my all
i am in love
i can see it when i am lost
you always pull my hand
and bring me back to our world

you are the greatest thing
i have ever known
the most complicated matter
of my right and wrong
and i can promise you
like you there are no more
that is why i love you
and i need to keep you close
i am in love
and you must know
i can give you my all
if you stay in my world
here with me forevermore

2019. Adric Ceneri. All right reserved.

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