My Poetry:

Los Restos de un Humano

I’m starting to lose my mind,
it claims something impossible to have.
My soul wants to sell itself,
it says that I’m not worthy to have its faith.
My sad eyes cry as they see,
that my properties don’t want to obey me.
The shiny moon sings sadly, as the day begins,
because its journey ends when the sun comes out again.
The bright sun angrily rules over earth,
burning everything until there’s nothing but ash.
People have forgotten how beautiful life is,
and sadly, they let themselves fall down until they die.
They make their own graves,
an extinction that happened yesterday,
something close to it will occur again.
Life was beautiful but not anymore,
today is just a shadow that, without light, is lost.
The seas are painful deserts in this world,
not understandable words of verses, rhymes with tone.
Now the silence has my voice,
it makes this a hell where nothing’s worth anything.
I have no reason to be,
the good angel I will never be.
Blood on my hands means I did something wrong,
now my conscience won’t leave me alone.
There is no time or space to stay,
I leave, goodbye there’s nothing else…

2009. Adric Ceneri. All right reserved.

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