My Poetry:

Los Restos de un Humano

The moments are already gone,
but the memories won’t go.
The lost souls from the forgotten don’t seem to come back.
I once had a father. Before no one knew, he just forgot.
He forgot he had a son. He pretended it never happened.
I once travelled and I got lost.
I walked parts of the world.
I walked around many seas. I walked in some streets.
I once asked for a wish. A wish that turned into a nightmare.
I wanted to have parents. I wanted the love of a family.
I once thought not to be. But escaping is never the answer.
And even if wars get over the peace,
there’s no reason to wish not to be.
Now, I just think only one thing.
End this misery, which makes me feel incomplete.
This crazy idea, the idea to be,
to have my childhood back and once again be a kid.
The happy kid as I never was.
Time took my dream,
now I’m alone as I’ve always been.

2009. Adric Ceneri. All right reserved.

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