My Poetry:

Los Restos de un Humano

As today… there were days,
difficult mornings, I lost my strength.
I felt tired, abandoned and out of faith.
It’s hard for me to keep standing,
hard to wait for the future to come and take me.
Sincerely, I can be strong, not strong enough to avoid memories.
And it hurts as hope fades away.
I feel like a bird that wants to fly.
I do not feel sure, so I stop.
I stayed in loneliness waiting for a try.
Trying to get out of hell, I fall.
I can’t find myself, lost my sight.
There is no way for me to get out of here.
I have one chance to destroy my fear.
Upon it, my heart was afraid of me.
I have thought about me and my future.
I have never been sure of anything.
I think something; I believe a different thing.
I hear other things, and I see no way out of here.
My life is not easy; I’m afraid to not know.
I am afraid not to be accepted by the Lord
as everybody rejected my love.
I am as the abandoned human on war.
Like the grain of sand lost in the desert,
like the sight lost between the stars,
and the sound that faded in the silence.
I wish to scream but I fear no one can hear.
I am sick of fighting against fear.
I am tired of living in this wild world.
I am tired and I can’t smile to the Lord.
I am not happy and I can’t do anything.
I am dying of fear.
I am afraid to show what I feel.

2009. Adric Ceneri. All right reserved.

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