My Poetry:

Los Restos de un Humano

Every time as I wake up… 
you are always on my unstable mind!
What have you done to me?
These memories of my childhood
don’t let me breathe at all.
They don’t let me live without fear,
they don’t let me sleep in peace.
The balance of my life
today is a total chaos,
is for what people hope of me,
the main reason not to stay in here.
Time has flown away,
the truth is, it could never be the same,
all I can do now is escape.
Your tears aren’t worthy,
not for my cure, I’ll prove you were wrong.
My wounds don’t heal,
I’ll be back when your eyes get to see I’m real.
What I offer to you is not enough.
I don’t want to be an obstacle in your path,
I am just a problem behind this mask.
It’s better not to let you know,
that your eyes won’t see my face anymore.
I propose myself to walk away from this life,
to erase my pain, to believe in faith.
I will run until the divine line,
to sleep for a while, to wait for an end.
I don’t blame anyone for judging me,
because all it is, is ignorance.
I don’t blame anyone for killing my soul,
nor for leaving my remains in this world.
I was no more than a lost reason,
one of the many agonies of the forgotten,
one of many dreams unrealized.
Now I leave… everything stays in its place.
I wish to front my present,
but I have no strength to fight against it.
I just wish to hide away from everything.
With the sunrise, a new day will come,
with it my life will be a history,
lines of a verse, the feelings of my story.

2009. Adric Ceneri. All right reserved.

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